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Fungi Everywhere

We arrived recently at Little Stoke Primary School to find that our Forest school fire circle had a carpet of fungi..  Year 1 & 2were very excited to see the fungi and had lots of questions to ask.. ” Where did they come from?” “Who planted them?”  “Are they poisonous?”.



This led us onto a great opportunity for Year 1 to mark the hazards they might find in the woodland with hazard tape, the fungi had lots of hazard tape to try and protect it and many a stinging nettle and thorny branch also.  As this was completed we had our hot chocolate and a snack and sang a few of our forest school songs before going into the mud kitchen to make some excellent mud soup, mud cakes and mud coffee!

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New blog.. Why??

This blog page is here to help keep you up to date with all the recent events at Conquer The Woods. We have been busy for the last couple of years working in two primary schools in South Gloucestershire, and whilst we have posted lots of photos onto our social media sites, we thought we could also share our news here as well..


Mapping our Forest School area

Our first session with Year 1 at The Manor C of E Primary school was full of fun and excitement.  After getting ready into our wellies and outdoor clothes we went out into the Forest School area which is located on the school site.  We spent some time in the fire circle discussing the forest school motto, and playing a few name games.  The children were then asked to use their super senses and explore the site, taking mental pictures of all the things they could see.  Then in small groups we created a map of our Forest School area using natural resources..  Some of the groups added amazing detail to the map and even added extra items using their imagination..  Brilliant!

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