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Tree surgery, flooding and wooden games

Term 3 started with some woodland clearance, with some evidence of Ash die back the tree surgeon cut back about 3 of our mature ash trees. This resulted in lots of sawing and lopper use and a nice full woodstore

A few wet days gave us some flooding which the children loved exploring resulting in some muddy hands, clothes and wellies.

The term finished with Year 5 parents visiting the forest. The focus .. Making some wooden games.. Here is an excellent version of The towers of Hanoi.

Forest school production and firewood preparation

Building on the experiences from last week, yesterday afternoon with Y1 involved lots of children using lots of different tools..

Some children whittled sticks..


Other children began to cut up branches into smaller pieces ready for adding to the fire..


Some children used the bow saw as a team to cut the bigger pieces up


Some children made some medals and we finished off the session with Marshmallows toasted over the fire.. Yum!




Mandala madness

We had a great day with Y1&2 at Little Stoke today.  Children helped to create a fantastic class mandala




Other children decided to try and create their own












Some children continued to delight us with amazing mud creations in mud kitchen



Whilst others enjoyed using the wooden stepping stones, increasing the challenge each time by moving them further apart !



Using tools to create Forest school mementoes

On Wednesday we had a fantastic afternoon with Y1 at The Manor school.  Tools were introduced to the children, some children enjoyed using a saw to create medals












Other children enjoyed using peelers to peel the bark off sticks to create some amazing fishing rods



Whilst some enjoyed creating some amazing bracelets and necklaces for their medals by twisting different coloured wool together..


Hanging around off the ground

Thursday was another great day of Forest School in South Gloucestershire.  Year 1 & 2 were very excited to find a rope challenge course set up for them to negotiate across.  Some of the year 1 children naturally took on the role of a predatory shark and prowled around hoping for a meal ..


Year 1 and 2 also enjoyed spending time in the mud kitchen again…





More blackberries and mini beasts and frogs!

Today in Forest school with Year 1 was full of lots of different activities..  The children chose what activity they were keen to do…

We had children completing the rope challenge above the crocodile infested lake…


Other children loved painting the leaf silhouettes with blackberry juice..



While others were fascinated by finding lots of different minibeasts and a frog!


Blackberry Painting

Last week with Year 1 & 2 at Little Stoke Primary School we collected blackberries and squashed and squished them up to make a fantastic dark red/purple paint.



We used these to make silhouettes of different leaves. They look FANTASTIC!


Rope Challenges and a House For a Mouse

Last week we were much quicker getting out of the classroom and we were soon round the Forest school campfire area reminding each other of the Forest School motto and possible hazards we might face..

Today a Burma bridge rope challenge had been set up for the children to safely negotiate..


As the class made their way safely across to the other side, one child spent his time searching for letter shaped sticks so he could spell the word “NUT”..


Later we talked about the class text and the animals that they are reading about in the book “The Gruffalo”.  Most of the children then made a House for a Mouse, including many extras like conservatories, toilets, slides..  Luxurious houses!

img_4803 img_4801