Where Are We?

Conquer The Woods have the use of a number of sites in Bath & Bristol area. We can also bring Forest School to your school site or nearby woodland.


Our main site in Bath is based in Sirius Woods (situated behind Bath Community Academy).  This woodland was planted by the Woodland Trust in 2005 in association with the Society for Nautical Research who proposed a series of new woodlands across the UK,  in honour of the bicentenary of Admiral Lord Nelson’s death at the Battle of Trafalgar.  Each wood 33 in total was named after one of the ships in Nelson’s fleet.

Sirius Wood is the Trafalgar Wood site for all of Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire: it is named after the frigate Sirius, which was the ship who first spotted the French and Spanish fleets leaving Cadiz harbour and sent the signal down the line initiating the battle. In total some 2,500 trees of traditional English varieties were planted — just about enough when mature to create a second Sirius, should the need arise!